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2012 Tour de Cypress participation grows

2012 Tour de Cypress 100k ride startA total of 310 riders and 36 runners participated in the 2012 Tour de Cypress bike rides and runs on Saturday, April 21.
“We had the biggest participation we have ever had for this year’s event,” stated Diana Duckworth, co-director of the bike ride. “This is the most amazing community, and we are blessed to have so many that volunteer for so many different things.”

The first riders to complete the 100K course were Roger Price of Paris, John Wellborn of Pittsburg, Andy Burnfield of Longview, and Mark Harris of Dallas. They crossed the finish line seconds apart just over three hours after they started the ride.
Sherry McCarte and Penny Meyer, both of McKinney, were the first women riders to finish the 100K at 3.5 hours.
Rigo and Gonzala Mejia, of Sulpher Springs, finished the 45 mile ride in three hours. Nick Williamson of Texarkana rode across the line five minutes later.
Brandon Richardson of Frisco was the first to complete the 30 mile ride in 1.5 hours. Boogie McCutcheon finished 10 minutes later, and John Motsch of Friendswood rolled in with a time of one hour and 52 minutes.
Tom Standridge of Scroggins was the first to finish the 10 mile ride. He rolled back to the downtown plaza 35 minutes after the start.
Rotarians provided lunch and beverages to riders and made them available to the public for purchase on Saturday. More than 300 hamburgers were served.
Tragedy struck for the first time in the eight year history of the Tour de Cypress. Rider Gary Dennis Ovard suffered a medical emergency during the ride and died. See Gary Dennis Ovard in the Tour de Cypress News.
Rotarians were the hosts for a Heroes Barbeque on Friday night to honor Franklin County emergency workers. A total of 88 service personnel registered at the event. They and their family members were treated to a barbeque dinner and slide show.
Door prizes awarded at the event were as follows: two Dallas Cowboys tickets with parking pass, Kathy Cannon; Four Texas Rangers vs. Houston Astros tickes and parking pass, Victoria Fletcher; two Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees tickets, Dalton Kitts; two Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees tickets, Jean Patterson; season passes to Six Flags, Kenneth Cannon;
Retail gift cards or baskets, Frankie Bakkers, Gayle Victory, Roena Tucker, Ray Green, Travis Westbrook, Kaleb Watson, Kenneth Dyer, randy Green, Randy Cannon, Scott Williams, Brody Clark, Loretta Rhoades, Stacy Sears, and Nathan Rhoades.

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